Repairs and Maintenance

Peace of Mind Electrical have any maintenance or repair issues covered. We can also come up with solutions on how to prevent these ongoing repairs taking place. This will save you time and money in the long run, by using a better and more reliable product.

On arrival, one of our technicians will give you a proposal on the problem you have and a solution on how to stop this problem from recurring.

The products available to us today are more reliable and efficient, giving you peace of mind that they will work longer with less maintenance.

All the products used at Peace Of Mind Electrical are made to the Australian Standard.

Power Monitoring/Energy Efficiency

In today’s modern world of technology and ever increasing power consumption, electricity prices are on the increase because of this demand for more power.

Peace Of Mind Electrical have a service for commercial and residential properties that can reduce your energy usage and save you money on your electricity.

No, it’s not just solar that can save you money!

Education could save you just as much!

We have power monitoring devices that we can connect to your property and measure where and when your power is being used. We can take this data, analyse it and give you a solution on how best to save YOU the most on your electricity bill.

We can install a power monitoring device that will show you in real time the amount of energy you are using. It can be set up to show you kilowatts, or dollars and cents. You then know exactly what electrical items cost you to run and can turn items on and off when you don’t want to use them unnecessarily.

  • This service is great if you have a big family living in a large family home!
  • If your business employs people who don’t care what they leave switched on!
  • A business that wants to become more energy efficient in using the power they consume.

Call us today for a consultation!

Additions and Alterations

Peace of Mind Electrical have worked on hundreds of installations that have needed to be renovated or altered in some way.

Peace of Mind Electrical have a five star guarantee, so you know what is agreed on and our proposal will be carried out in full.

We only use quality products on all installations, to give you the confidence that the installation will last a very long time.

The type of additions or alterations that Peace of Mind Electrical have worked on are :-

  • Simple light replacement
  • Extra powerpoints
  • Room renovations
  • House rewires
  • Brand-new extensions
  • Complete home renovations

Meterbox and Switchboards

Your meter box and switchboard are the most important part of your installation!

Not only are they the main connection between your property and SA Power Networks distribution grid, they are also the protection for your cables and circuits within your building.

They protect you from fires and electric shock!

If your meter box and switchboard are old and made of wood, they more than likely contain ASBESTOS!

Imagine if your old meter box caught fire, it would be hard to contain if made from timber and would spread through the rest of your property.


Peace of Mind Electrical install a range of metal fabricated meter enclosures, specifically engineered to suit the Service and Installation Rules (SIR) of SA based Electricity Distributors. There are a different range of meter boxes designed for single domestic installations. We also have Group Metering and Commercial Metering products available.

Solar Systems

Peace of Mind Electrical have installed over 250 solar systems throughout SA.

We have also installed systems for Down To Earth Sustainable Solutions and Go 4 Solar.

Peace Of Mind Electrical do not compromise on quality and safety when it comes to installing solar systems!

Only the best products on the market are used. The products used are from well established companies that are reliable, with the warranty in mind. Below are the manufacturers of the inverters and panels that we use:

 Because the feed in tariff is only 8c kwh, you don’t want to export any of your generated power.

LED Lighting

What’s so great about LEDs?

LEDs can be used to build energy-efficient lighting products that save energy, help protect the environment, reduce maintenance costs and make people and things look much more attractive than traditional lighting. They also last much longer than traditional lighting.

Benefits: LED’s come in all types of globes and fittings, so you can keep your period looking lights and still save money.

Just how energy-efficient are LED lights?

LED lighting can save you up to 85 percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs and up to 50 percent of electricity used by fluorescents.

Benefits: This means you will be able to save quicker for your next holiday, not just this year but the next 5 years.

Where are LED lights being used?

Since LED lights are so energy-efficient, the most common applications are places where lights are switched on for an extended period of time. You can find LED lights in restaurants, offices, parking lots, streetlights, dorm rooms, ice skating rinks and, of course, in homes. You can see some places that have installed LED lights here.

Benefits: You can have the experience of LED’s absolutely everywhere without compromise.

Why is LED lighting better than incandescent bulbs?

Most of the energy emitted from incandescent bulbs is converted to heat instead of light. That’s why you’ll burn yourself if you try to touch an incandescent bulb once it’s turned on.

Benefits: Children won’t be able to injure themselves on hot surfaces and the hot glass will not explode if broken, while the little mites are playing!

Why is LED lighting better than fluorescent lighting and compact fluorescents (CFLs)?

LEDs don’t contain hazardous materials, such as mercury. Since fluorescent tubes and CFLs contain mercury, they must be properly disposed of in order to prevent mercury from poisoning landfills. Also, most fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed and many can flicker. Some people are sensitive to this flicker and experience headaches, migraines and eye strain.

Benefits: LED’s do not contain any of these toxic elements, so are safer to have around your place protecting you and the environment! LED lighting uses solid-state technology, which allows effective dimming in many applications and eliminates flickering.

What type of light quality can I expect with LED lights?

You should be satisfied with the light quality coming from any light—LED or otherwise. The best way to ensure this is to know what colour light you want and how to ask for it. If you want warm light, look for lighting that is close to 3000K. If you want a more neutral or cool light, look for something closer to 5000K and if you want a day light, look for 6500K or more. But that’s not all… you also need to be aware of colour rendering. The ability to make colours look true – that is to have a tomato look like a tomato – is called colour rendering. The colour rendering index (CRI) characterises light sources in view of their ability to produce ‘natural light’ and can be between 0 and 100. The closer an LED light comes to 100 on CRI, the more naturally colours are rendered, and the light is perceived as more pleasant.

Benefits: The CRI of fluorescent tubes is often around 72. Cree LED lighting fixtures have a CRI of between 85 and 95. This is great for cooking, so you can see the true colour of your rich food and is perfect for reading environments for children, who enjoy seeing pictures with bright colours.

How long can LED lights last?

With the right design, LED lights can have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and more in continuous operation. Depending on how many hours-a-day they are operating, that can be from 6 to 7 years, to as many as 20 to 30 years.

Benefits: No more going out to the supermarket to buy the wrong type of globe because there are so many out there, then having to go back to replace it. Or you just put them in a cupboard until you have so many, you feel like a hoarder! No more getting up and down steps to replace globes every few weeks.

Besides, how do you define expensive?

Is it purely the up-front cost of a light, or do you factor in the cost of the energy to run that light?  If you’re a business or government, what is the cost to change the lightbulb? If you’re building a new building, installing LED lighting is often just about the same cost as traditional technology—and you’ll start saving money through reduced energy consumption, the minute you flip the switch.

Benefits: This means you will be immediately receiving all the benefits mentioned above when you change over to LED’s. The money and energy you save, means an LED light will pay itself off within 18 months. The more it’s used, the quicker the pay back.

Don’t think of it as a cost but more an investment, which you will get a return on as soon as you switch it on!