Meterbox and Switchboards

Your meter box and switchboard are the most important part of your installation!

Not only are they the main connection between your property and SA Power Networks distribution grid, they are also the protection for your cables and circuits within your building.

They protect you from fires and electric shock!

If your meter box and switchboard are old and made of wood, they more than likely contain ASBESTOS!

Imagine if your old meter box caught fire, it would be hard to contain if made from timber and would spread through the rest of your property.


Peace of Mind Electrical install a range of metal fabricated meter enclosures, specifically engineered to suit the Service and Installation Rules (SIR) of SA based Electricity Distributors. There are a different range of meter boxes designed for single domestic installations. We also have Group Metering and Commercial Metering products available.

The benefits of having a new meter box and switchboard

  • They are now made from steel with a cable entry, which you can close to give a better fire barrier, to contain the fire in the meter box and prevent it from spreading through the property.
  • The meter will be installed in an accessible place for easy meter reading.
  • The switchboard will only be able to install new circuit breakers and safety switches, giving the best circuit protection on the market.
  • Upgrading your meter box would also mean you would have a new earth stake and new main earth, giving you better protection throughout your property.
Our Guarantee
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  • "I was very happy with the energy meter you installed at my house.
    Your willingness to perform the work outside of normal business hours, combined with your speed and quality of service made the whole experience hassle free and easy. "
    Doug Phillips
    Lend A Hand Handyman Services