Power Monitoring/Energy Efficiency

In today’s modern world of technology and ever increasing power consumption, electricity prices are on the increase because of this demand for more power.

Peace Of Mind Electrical have a service for commercial and residential properties that can reduce your energy usage and save you money on your electricity.

No, it’s not just solar that can save you money!

Education could save you just as much!

We have power monitoring devices that we can connect to your property and measure where and when your power is being used. We can take this data, analyse it and give you a solution on how best to save YOU the most on your electricity bill.

We can install a power monitoring device that will show you in real time the amount of energy you are using. It can be set up to show you kilowatts, or dollars and cents. You then know exactly what electrical items cost you to run and can turn items on and off when you don't want to use them unnecessarily.

  • This service is great if you have a big family living in a large family home!
  • If your business employs people who don’t care what they leave switched on!
  • A business that wants to become more energy efficient in using the power they consume.

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The Benefits of using Peace Of Mind Electrical

  • We will size the correct system to the amount of energy you use.
  • We will estimate what the system will produce before the system is installed.
  • We will give you a maintenance manual about your system.
  • We are an electrical company and not just a solar company. Our business is more sustainable, not just dependent on the demand for solar systems to be installed. Knowing we will be around for a long time gives you extra peace of mind.
Our Guarantee
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  • "I have to say that we were extremely happy with the work done by Steve and his team. They arrived on time, were friendly and professional and best of all they cleaned and vacuumed up after themselves, leaving no mess whatsoever! The lights installed by Peace of Mind mean that we can now work under lighting that is exactly the same as daylight – no headaches or straining our eyes anymore! If you’re needing electrical work, you really need to give them a call for your Peace of Mind. "